Association Féminine El Khir

Founded in January 1998, Association Féminine El Khir is an organization that contributes to the improvement of the conditions of women and children in the province of Essaouira through education and training.

Association Féminine El Khir located right next to the sea in Central Morocco has a full kitchen where they host tourists and teach them how to prepare classic Moroccan dishes like Tajines, couscous, Moroccan pastries, and many more.

Association Féminine El Khir's goal is to work with individuals, Riads, guest houses hotels, and restaurants. The organization founder Souad Dibi has organized local homestays for traveling tourists. These help the women who are widowed mothers in the local community to earn a living and provide for their families. The organization also hosts child education programs weekly, teaching Arabic beginner and advanced dialectal courses, as well as French classes and introduction to computer science courses.

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