PWB Magazine 11th Edition

11th Edition of PWB Magazine. October 2018

The Resilience Issue:

Resilience: the greater capacity to restore and rediscover ones self from difficulties; which every single organization  and individual featured in this magazine has been continuously working towards.

For myself this issue has been about taking what I've learnt over the last year and applying it every single day at Photographers Without Borders(PWB). This issue has brought me the ability to be dynamic and active with so many social issues worldwide. Having the ability to highlight visual creativity, learning while curating, offering everyone the chance to create their own narrative where ever their life may lead them, is so special to me!

A very special thank you to our team at PWB, working around the clock all with one goal, a sustainable future for all. We all take what we're passionate about and use it to change the world, little by little.

So get involved, take the plunge, do what you always dreamed of doing. This is my story, now let's continue to help others tell theirs! 

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