PWB Magazine 12th Edition

12th Edition of Photographers Without Borders(PWB) Magazine.

April 2019

The Agency & Action Issue:

Being a part of PWB School India last November challenged every part of my being. Two weeks of learning, growing, teaching, and sharing efforts with my team through activity and action. It was a journey, learning to take action where you feel called to do so, but maintaining your heart in the process. But that process certainly had a tremendous impact as I approached PWB Magazine #12.

With all the work we do here at PWB, including the creation of this magazine, selecting is in fact, the toughest part of my role. Our creatives do such a magnificent job highlighting our partner organizations' missions. I want to thank not only the creatives but the NGO’s, producers, and volunteers at PWB, that have banded together to make this publication possible.

For our Agency & Action Issue, it was essential to pull narratives that stick, that generate emotion and feelings that may be uncomfortable at first but ultimately lead to direct calls to action. What can I do? There is nothing more satisfying than feeling empowered to help create social change and having a place to apply your skills. With the 12th edition of Photographers Without Borders Magazine, I feel the team did just that. We have taken it upon ourselves to reach for more, to climb higher and to extend our hands further with action and agency. 

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